Articles on Two Key Doctrines in Colossians

Colossians is full of great theology. Not just informative, but the kind of theology that warms our hearts with the knowledge of who Jesus is or that provides solid ground to stand on when our faith is shaky. The deeper we dive into Paul’s theology in this book the stronger our faith becomes.

Like all NT Epistles, it speaks often about some issues (the deity of Christ) that are significant to the context but speaks less about other issues that are also significant but show up in other letters (like the person of the Holy Spirit). Here are two theological essays on key doctrines written at a very laymen’s level. They begin with what we learn in Colossians before moving on to the broader support in Scripture. Both of them draw from but add to things I didn’t have room for in my devotional on Colossians, Finding Satisfaction in Christ: A Devotional Study of Colossians.



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