Gratitude Challenge Devotionals

The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks includes a thirty-day Gratitude Challenge as an Appendix. The Gratitude Challenge includes a daily reading focused on gratitude (or grumbling) as well an encouragement to record five things you can thank God for each day. Like any habit, it takes time and intentionality to cultivate thanksgiving. The more we do it, the more it becomes part of our rhythms and responses.

I’ve written a devotional to go along with each day’s passage from the Gratitude Challenge. The daily devotional will focus on the text and its theme, and is mostly material not in my book. However, to better understand thanksgiving, I’d encourage you to read The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks while you participate in this challenge. You can also download a Discussion Guide for the book.

Links to each of the thirty devotionals

Give Thanks to God: Day 1
Give Thanks in Trials: Day 2
Worship the King with Thanksgiving: Day 3
The Nine or the One?: Day 4
Grateful Offerings: Day 5
Two Ways to Live: Day 6
Forget Not All His Benefits: Day 7
Say Grace: Day 8
Battle Anxiety with Adoration: Day 9
Grumbling vs Gratitude: Day 10
Record in Order to Recall: Day 11
God’s Wonderful Deeds: Day 12
Grief and Gratitude: Day 13
God’s Steadfast Love Endures Forever: Day 14
Thanks be to God: Day 15
Training Our Tongue to Say Thanks: Day 16
A Thanksgiving Meal: Day 17
The Sun Will Come Up Again: Day 18
Why Christians Should be Thankful: Day 19
Give Thanks Together: Day 20
Some Stories Never Get Old: Day 21
Ingratitude Leading to Idolatry: Day 22
Three Dangers of Spiritual Forgetfulness: Day 23
Thanksgiving and Union with Christ: Day 24
Thanks be to God: Day 25
Wendell Berry and the Gift of Remembrance: Day 26
All Creation Sings His Praise: Day 27
Five Ways David Gave Thanks: Day 28
Daily Gratitude for Daily Grace: Day 29
Thankful for Eternity: Day 30