I serve as Assistant Pastor of Discipleship at College Park Church Fishers. (The thoughts and opinions on this blog are mine, and might not reflect College Park as a whole.) I’m 5 years into marriage with my sweet wife and we have a wonderful, exhausting little girl who has rocked our world. My hope is that this blog forces me to put some thoughts into words while allowing readers to wrestle with or be encouraged by those thoughts. Most of what you’ll see on this blog or my social media relates to one of my interests: history, reading, travel, (good) food and drink, movies, sports, being outdoors, and theology and discipleship in the local church. I received a degree in Historical Theology from the Moody Bible Institute and a Master’s Degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, but the bulk of my learning happens through being in the Church with God’s people, studying the Word, and drawing from the well of good books.

One thought on “About”

  1. Just found your blog. and twitter. Been seeing you post at yourchurch.com for awhile and am happy to find ya here as well!

    I added you to our blogroll at http://www.prequill.blogspot.com (shameless plug, yes, and to let you know).

    Looking forward to more good quotes and stuff from a hoosier thinking believer.
    – @Penjammin

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