Bible Reading Plans

Here are some Bible reading plans I’ve created at our church. Some of them might have a specific date or month attached to them, but you can ignore those dates and still use the plans. Each of them should also list which numerical day it is (day one…).

30 Day Gratitude Reading Challenge

7 Day Gratitude Reading Plan on or You Version App

30 Days in Luke

28 Day Reading Plan in Hebrews

30 Days through 1 & 2 Peter, James

40 Days through Matthew or 55 Days through Matthew

30 Days in John’s Gospel

“Holy Week” Reading Plan

Lent Reading Plan: Nehemiah and Hebrews

Lent Reading Plan: Exodus and “Passion Week” Plan

9 Week Study Guide on Colossians

21 days of Reading & Praying the Psalms (Psalm 1-21)

Bible Study Resources

Here are some additional resources I’ve created to help with studying the Bible.

Making Observations (Studying the Bible)

Bible Study Tip: Summarize Your Bible Reading

Bible Study Questions (Short and Long List)

Ways to Meditate on Scripture

9 Things to Know about Bible Meditation

Resources for Bible Reading