Personal Study Questions & Prayer Guide for Colossians 1:9-14

Each week at Pennington Park Church, we provide a Sermon Discussion Guide for Small Groups to use in their time together. Below are some additional questions to study in advance to help you dive deeper in Colossians 1:9-14. Since this week will focus on prayer, we’ve also provided a five day prayer guide.


  1. Which words were emphasized, repeated, or seemed connected to one another? What are 2-3 themes or key ideas that emerge?
  2. What strikes you most about how Paul prays, who he prays for, or what he prays for them?
  3. Who is someone you can pray for today and encourage them by letting them know what you’re praying for them?
  4. Does your individual and family prayer life include seeking and praising God or is it almost always about your needs? What are indicators to help answer this?
  5. The right knowledge of God—revealed in Christ through the Word—is a key theme in Colossians. Read the following verses on wisdom, understanding, and knowledge and record any observations: 1:9 (x3), 10, 28; 2:2 (x2), 3 (x2), 23; 3:10, 16; 4:5.
  6. How does the knowledge of God (1:9) lead to living a fruitful life pleasing to Him (1:10)?
  7. How can you encourage those closest to you in the mundane “daily-ness” of the Christian walk?
  8. Can you recall any times or examples where you saw God’s power at work in you or in someone around you? What are other examples from Scripture where God’s power can be seen?
  9. In 1:9-14 what do you see about (a) God’s works or actions on your behalf, (b) God’s desires for you, and (c) how you might respond?
  10. What are some of the attributes and actions of God you see in this passage? How might those lead you to worship and prayer?


  • Use the guide for Five Days of Praying through Colossians 1:9-14. Commit to a time of daily prayer this week, even if it’s short.
  • Write down 1-2 names of people you’re ministering too (maybe people in your small group, friends from church, or unbelievers) and pray for them each day this week. Call, email, text, or write a letter to some of those people letting them know how you’re praying for them.
  • Have your eyes open today to see all around you in creation the power of God.
  • Ask someone if you can pray with them today. Pray for God’s power to be at work in their life. Tell people not just that you’re praying for them but how you’re praying for them.
  • Memorize Colossians 1:9-14 as one way to meditate on and pray back the Bible.
  • If you have kids, help them to see the value in praying for other gospel partners regularly. Ask them to pray for their Sunday school teachers, friends, neighbors, and others.


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