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You can now purchase a copy of my new book Finding Satisfaction in Christ: A Devotional Study of Colossians in paperback or kindle formats. I wrote this over the course of a few years. What began as a small group study on Colossians in the home of our friends Dan and Emily later turned into a Group Discussion Guide for College Park Church that blossomed into a full-length book slowly written off-and-on over the course of a few years. As any writer or teacher struggles with, I hope my personal joy and benefit of studying Colossians leads to your joy and encouragement as you read through Colossians with me. Here’s a bit about the book.

To help you understand the nature of this book, here are two disconnects I often experience in Christian books that I tried to avoid. While not doing it perfectly, both reveal areas where we often create gaps that were designed to be held together. My hope is that this book can help us bridge these gaps.

Disconnect 1: Head or Heart?

I describe the book as a devotional-commentary approach, and my goal was to bridge two worlds. Devotionals often leave me frustrated with how little time they spend in the Bible. Even devotionals that are supposed to about a biblical book or topic are thin on Scripture and the meaning of the passage. Commentaries provide this depth of Scripture’s meaning. But commentaries are often lacking in practical application and even a worshipful spirit that aims to grip the heart. Devotionals go right for the strings of the heart and commentaries go for the head, but I long for more books that do both together.

In this book, I try to bridge those worlds so that every day you as the reader will walk away better understanding the book of Colossians, but also that this understanding would stir your heart’s affections for Christ and move you to respond in practical ways.

Disconnect 2: God-Centered or Man-Centered?

A second disconnect I see in many books is that they are either Christ-centered of man-centered. Some books do a great job of teaching us who Jesus is (and I’m very thankful for these books). They provide great clarity about his person and work, and in doing so, help us see the glory of him. But most books (even “Christian books”) today are all about me, or the individual. We pick up books because we want to change. We want our lives to look different. We need help. Because of this, so many books becomes self-help books focused on how to become a better version of yourself.

But what we see so beautifully in Colossians is that it’s actually seeing and savoring Jesus Christ that is how we experience deep and lasting change. Our transformation, joy, peace, and satisfaction are found by wading deeper into who Jesus is and what that means for those in him. As we marvel at Jesus, we mature in Jesus (Col. 1:28). By beholding him we become like him. It’s the reason Colossians is all about not adding to Jesus or moving past Jesus in the quest for maturity but pressing deeper and deeper into Jesus.

My goal in this book is to daily focus our eyes and attention on Jesus, both so we better know him and so that the Spirit can then renew us into his image (Col. 3:10). We find our satisfaction not by looking for new things but by looking at Jesus.



Finding Satisfaction in Christ walks through the four chapters of Colossians in ten sections. Each section includes an introduction and six devotionals on a verse or two at a time (for the most part). To encourage readers to go deeper, each devotional includes additional resources to guide reflection and response.

My hope is that all of this things work together so that you’re meditating on Colossians, this book helps you understand it and delight in it, and then the materials at the end of the chapter help you go deeper in chewing on it, applying it, and thinking more about it.


“I love this book because it’s just the kind of resource we all need today—a theologically rich, devotionally deep, and practically oriented guide through a section of God’s life-changing word. Dustin Crowe walks us through Colossians in a way that helps us find deep satisfaction in Jesus and rethink all of life in light of him. I plan to commend this resource often!”
Drew Hunter, author of Made for Friendship

“When I first read Finding Satisfaction in Christ: A Devotional Study of Colossians, I was struck by this clear message: the emptiness we feel in our souls doesn’t have to be. As Dustin Crowe tells us again and again through these pages, the Scriptures promise we can be fulfilled by Jesus. The fullness of God and every longing of our hearts is found in going deeper with our ‘supreme and sufficient Savior.’ And isn’t that what every believer wants – to experience a growing satisfaction in Christ? This engaging exploration of Paul’s letter to the Colossians is like a trip to the well that gives us ‘palate-pleasing and soul-satisfying water.’ Don’t miss it.”
Janice Cappucci, author of Storm Clouds of Blessings


Learn more or order the book here.

As a teaser, this October, Moody Publishers will release my book entitled The Grumbler’s Guide to Gratitude. Stay tuned for more details!

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