Lessons Learned in the Wilderness (Part 6)

Each Wednesday night for the next few weeks, I’ll be teaching a class online about Lessons Learned in the Wilderness. You can view this on Facebook live at the Pennington Park Church account at 8PM.

Tonight we’ll considering the practice of remembering as we look back to look forward from Deuteronomy 7:17-21. You can find the notes here and here’s the video.. Here are a few related articles I’ve written on remembrance.

Past Weeks

Week 1: God’s Power to Part the Waters (Exodus 13-14)
Here’s are notes from last week, as well as a link to the video on vimeo.

Week 2: God’s Provision and Daily Grace (Exodus 16). Here are Lesson 2 Notes and here’s a link to the video from week 2. You can also read a related post on 10 Ways to Battle Worry.

Week 3: God’s Life-Giving Oasis versus the Mirage of Idols (Exodus 32). You can download an outline of the Lesson 3 Outline or here’s the video.

Week 4: David’s Positive Example versus Israel’s Negative Example (Psalm 63). Here is the Lesson 4 Outline and here’s the video.

Week 5: Grumbling (Numbers 11) vs Gratitude (Psalm 57). Here are notes for Lesson 5 and here’s a link to the video. A few related articles on grumbling are Give Thanks TogetherGrumbling vs Gratitude, and Ingratitude Leading to Idolatry.

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