It’s hard to believe it, but today marks one year from when The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks was published by Moody Publishers. Thank you to all of you who have read it (or listened to the audiobook). I’ve been greatly encouraged by the interactions, feedback, comments, and conversations. Once a book releases, you know little about who’s reading it and what they might be gleaning from it, so it’s always nice to hear what people learn from it or find helpful in it.

I’ll probably eat some cake or dessert today to celebrate (let’s be honest, I enjoy dessert almost every day anyways), but I thought another way to mark the book’s first birthday would be to post a few comments from reviews. I hope these give a taste of the book to anyone who hasn’t read it. (And yes, leaving book reviews does go a long way in drawing in readers, so thank you to anyone who has posted comments, given the book a rating, or left a review on various websites or on social media.) If you’re interested in a review, Zach Barnhart has a helpful review of the book.

If you’ve read the book, I’d love to hear what you found helpful, how it helped you give thanks, what stood out to you, or any ways you put it into practice. And if you’re interested in reading this with a group this “thanksgiving season,” you can download a free group discussion guide here.


This very practical book is a guide to develop the discipline of thanksgiving and improve your outlook on life. It may energize your spiritual life as it encourages you to make the habit of giving thanks to God on a consistent basis. The book could also be used in a small group setting and would lend itself to great discussions.” Jane

“I’ve never read a better study on the concepts of thanksgiving and gratitude. I loved this author’s writing style, and the personable tone of his writing immediately drew me into the book. As I reflected on the scripture passages the author refers to, plus his insightful commentary, I found myself at times being convicted, comforted, or encouraged. But most of all. I was drawn closer to God, the giver of all good things.” Patti

“When it comes to topical books, authors tend to favor one of two sides: orthodoxy or orthopraxy. But Dustin Crowe lands squarely in the middle in The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks by providing a rich theology of thanksgiving while also giving clear examples, steps, and resources so that we can make biblical thanksgiving a regular discipline in our lives.” JDI


“The book is saturated with scripture and emphasizes looking past the gifts to the giver. The gifts point us to the giver and teach us to praise God. This connection between gratitude and worship is an extremely helpful and practical one. I also appreciated how Dustin did not simply gloss over difficulties and assume that we are not supposed to struggle with trials or mourn and lament during dark days.” Bradley

“I really appreciated the concise yet complete way the author presented his point, made his application and directed his reader in practical ways. An easy read with solid scriptural interpretation and doable calls to action make this a read anyone could benefit from.” Mary Anne

“Deep in wisdom, but very accessible, this book is for anyone feeling disgruntled at life right now…It reminds us to look to God in all things and to foster a heart of thanksgiving for the gifts and blessings He so graciously bestows upon us, especially the gift of each other.” Katheryne

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