Resources on Thanksgiving and The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks

With the release of The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks, I’ve had the chance to write a few articles on thanksgiving and gratitude. For anyone interested, here are a few of those recent resources.


Groaning Yet Grateful: Thanksgiving 2020” at Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Pastors, Choose Grumbling Over Gratitude” at The Gospel Coalition

A Theology of Thanksgiving” at For the Church

5 Books that Turn Our Grumbling into Gratitude” at Christianity Today

Gratitude’s Blueprint for Thanksgiving” at Pastor Resources

Podcasts and Interview

Persuasion Podcast (Christ and Pop Culture) with Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson

Reasonable Theology Podcast

Chris Fabry Live

Building Relationships with Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry

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