Lessons Learned in the Wilderness

Each Wednesday night for the next few weeks I’ll be teaching an online, interactive class on Lessons Learned in the Wilderness. You can view this on Facebook live at the College Park Church Fishers account, or after the fact it will be posted on my Facebook page.

Tonight we’ll look at “God’s Power to Part the Waters (Exodus 13-14)” as we consider how to fight fear. For anyone who wants the notes, here’s an outline to walk us through the material.

Here’s a summary of a few key ideas and here’s a link to the video.

  • Fight fear with faith in God. When danger and potential threats cause fear, trust in the God who is with you, for you, and fighting on your behalf.
  • Though none of us want to face fear, it can be a friend if it helps us turn to and trust in God. The wilderness of fear isn’t only a place to endure or escape, but it can first be a place to experience God’s power, provision, and presence. The wilderness isn’t a waste when it leads to a deeper faith in God and a bigger view of God.
  • In difficult wilderness seasons, know that God has not left you and you are not lost. God leads us down every path with purpose, wisdom, and love.
  • When fearful, we’re tempted to take God’s place and seize control, seek to feel like we have power, and attempt to figure everything out. But we are not God, and so we must depend on and trust in God as creatures and children. He alone is sovereign, all-powerful, and all-knowing. He is a loving Father whose ways, timing, and plans are perfect and always have our good in mind.

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