Hebrews Reading Plan: Day 17 (Heb. 9:1-10)

As we walk through Hebrews in our reading plan, below are a few additional thoughts, questions, commentary, and quotes. These aren’t designed to substitute your personal study and reflectionon God’s Word, but they’re small supplements to your study. It’s always helpful to begin your study by reading the passage and making some basic observations. See the post “Making Observations”  for basic questions to help you understand and apply what you’re reading.

Study, Reflection, and Discussion Questions

  1. In Heb. 9:6-10 and 10:1-4, what are a few limits or weaknesses of the OT sacrifices?
  2. Why is the sacrifice of Jesus able to accomplish what OT sacrifices could not?
  3. What are some of the benefits we receive through the death of Jesus?
  4. Why is the shedding of blood such an important aspect to justice, cleansing, forgiveness, and redemption? Should we move past this language in our day and age? Why or why not?

 For Further Study

  • To understand the work of the high priest more, read Leviticus 16.
  • Read all of Hebrews 9-10 to get the big picture of the argument about how Jesus deals with our sin.

 Idea for Response

  • Confess your sin and cling to your Savior. If there is any undealt with sin in your life, this passage should motivate us to confess and repent of (turn from) it, knowing we can be forgiven and washed. Spend time in confession for any sins you haven’t brought to God, and then meditate on the promises you’re forgiven, freed, washed, and loved.

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