Disney & Pixar’s Soul: A Celebration of Life

Try to guess what movie I watched this Christmas. The story’s protagonist is a middle-aged man caught in a job keeping him from pursuing his dreams. Life feels mundane, maybe even meaningless. But when the man undergoes a death-like experience that grants him a new perspective, he realizes he had a good life all along. He’s adamant that he wants to live again. And thankfully, he gets a second chance, now with a renewed sense of how wonderful and significant life is. What movie did I watch?

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One Thing We Can Learn from ‘Frozen’

Movies show us glimmers of truth, sometimes in beautiful and powerful ways. Frozen conveys a lot of really good things, and some things I”m cautious of, but you can read this recent post of mine at The Gospel Coalition to learn one theme I love.

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The Lion King and God’s Protecting Love

Early in Disney’s The Lion King, Mufasa perches high on Pride Rock, overlooking his African territory. Next to him sits his beloved son, Simba. 

Mufasa tells Simba, “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” 

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Disney Movie Rankings (Ongoing)

The last couple of months our family has watched a lot of Disney movies, sometimes with our daughter but a lot of times without her. You can expect more posts soon with comments on themes, narratives, and theology in some of these movies. Below is my current, ongoing ranking of Disney movies.

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Remember Remember

In the movie V for Vendetta, the masked man frequently speaks these key words: “remember, remember.” Referencing Guy Fawkes and the failed Gunpowder Plot on November 5, 1605, the character known only as V quotes the famous poem: “Remember remember, the fifth of November…” Throughout the movie, the call to remember is a call to action. V is not merely interested in history for history’s sake (though he recognizes history’s importance and power), but he sees it as a catalyst for the past speaking into the present.

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