Resources for Parents on Creation

Next Sunday, our Children’s Ministry kicks off week 1 of The Gospel Project. The first session is on “God Created the World” and Genesis 1. While all of Scripture is inspired and profitable (2 Tim. 3:16), not every section is  equally significant to the Story. Genesis 1-2 summarizes Creation. It reveals God as the Maker of all things, and how all things point to Him. It provides conceptual seeds for truths and themes that bloom throughout the Bible.

This week, as you talk with kids about God as Creator and how Creation reveals his glory, here are a few additional resources for parents with younger children.
(As with any resource list, I might not agree with everything in these resources but still find them helpful.)

There are a lot of great resources, activities, and ideas I left out or don’t know about. I’d love to hear about any other recommendations. Leave a comment or send me an email.

Books for Young Children on Creation

  • God’s Mighty Acts in Creation by Starr Meade
  • Creation Sings by Carine MacKenzie
  • How Great is Our God by Louie Giglio. Also Indescribable.
  • The Moon Speaks by Jason Duesing
  • The Garden, The Curtain and the Cross by Carl Laferton
  • God’s Very Good Idea by Trillia Newbell (God’s design in diversity)
  • God’s Design by Sally Michael and Gary Steward (God’s design in gender and marriage)
  • Almost any book on “nature,” animals, weather, etc. can be used by parents to point out God’s design, glory, and lessons revealed in Creation. It doesn’t need to be a “Christian book” for parents to help kids read it with a Christian lens. See the John Piper message below for an example of him subscribing to Ranger Rick magazine.

Resources on God’s Glory in Creation

Music for Kids on Creation

  • Never Let Go of Me by Lifetree Kids.
  • Some Creation themed songs: “All Creatures of Our God and King”; “So Will I”; “God of Wonders”; “Indescribable”; “How Great Thou Art”; “This Is My Father’s World”; “All Things Bright and Beautiful”; “The Maker” by Chris August; “Creation Song” by Josh Garrells.
  • Songs for Saplings
  • This isn’t a Christian song but it’s a fun one. What kid or adult isn’t amused by a lyric about fish “pooping out sandy beaches”? Splash and Bubbles, “Sandy Beaches.”

Activities with Kids

  • See The Gospel Project weekly activity pages kids bring home. The right side of the sheet provides a summary of the week, key passage, family discussion starters, and family activities. For example, this week’s family activity for preschoolers suggests taking a nature hike to enjoy God’s creation, or caring for God’s creation as a family by picking up trash on your street.
  • A long list of links with various things to do with kids to teach on Genesis.
  • Visit the Creation Museum or the Ark Encounter.
  • Walk through a park, your neighborhood, yard, or even inside your home and help your children give thanks to God for everything. The goal is to (1) recognize all things as coming from God, (2) give praise to God for making them, and (3) enjoy the thing itself and God more because it’s part of Creation. This is good for parents too because we forget how everything comes from God and points to him (from the air we breathe to the coffee we drink to the grace we depend on for each day).
  • When you pray as a family this week, have each person thank God for something revealed about him in Creation or something he’s given us through Creation.

Adult/Teen Resources on Genesis and Creation


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