A Few Recommended Websites

We’re #blessed to live in a day and age where there are so many good Christian resources online and in print. However, there is also a lot of misinformation as well as bad theology out there. While this is only a small sampling, here are a few of my favorite websites for thinking biblically about personal, discipleship, and cultural challenges today. There are a lot of other great Christian websites for niche groups, but I left those out of my list.

  • The Gospel Coalition. TGC tries to apply biblical thinking to a wide-array of issues, such as theology, personal holiness, church issues, and cultural issues.
  • Desiring God, Gospel-Centered Discipleship, and For the Church. These three ministries are a bit more focused on encouragement, the Christian life, and sound doctrine, but they’re three of the best for rich doctrine and encouragement for believers.
  • ERLC (The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission). This SBC organization & website speaks into issues of religious liberty, Christian ethics, family, human dignity matters, and news and culture. It’s a great resource for combining biblical thinking with a push toward action-oriented living in many of the complex issues of today. If you like this, Al Mohler’s The Briefing might be a good podcast, as well as BreakPoint’s website and podcast.
  • 9 Marks. The sweet-spot for 9Marks is speaking into ecclesiology, church government, church leadership, and practices & doctrines that affect church life.
  • Biblical Counseling Coalition. If you want a website that specifically speaks into how you counsel and shepherd people, including on “normal” and “more complex” issues of sanctification, this is a helpful resource.
  • WORLD, which includes World Magazine, World Kids, and World Teens. WORLD has attempted to do journalism from a Christian perspective for decades, but many aren’t aware of their website. I appreciate the global news stories affecting the Church that you might not hear otherwise.
  • Christianity Today.  The magazine and online content at CT is broader in its theology than most of the other websites recommended, so I find quite a bit on there I don’t agree with. It has both right-leaning and left-leaning contributors (theologically as well as politically). But, in the last several years, CT has had a bit of a conservative (theological) resurgence and secured some excellent regular contributors. CT speaks into global and national issues in a way some of the other resources don’t, so even if I don’t always agree, they at least shed light on issues and perspectives that I might not be aware of.


What would you add?

This list doesn’t mean I agree with everything these websites say or do. Use discernment.

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