Spurgeon on Benefits of God’s Discipline

For Charles Spurgeon, God’s discipline isn’t separate from his love and care for us. To discipline is to teach and to train, just like parents discipline their children through both instruction and correction. His sermon, “The Discipline of the Lord,” is one of the most helpful summaries of the benefits and blessings associated with God’s discipline. I encourage you to read it in its entirety, but here’s a list of some of those benefits.

Benefits of Discipline from “The Discipline of the Lord” by Charles Spurgeon

  • We learn to discern the evil of sin.
  • It teaches us the unsatisfactory nature of worldly things.
  • Our frailty and weaknesses are exposed.
  • We learn the value of prayer.
  • We look to the Bible for comfort, wisdom, direction, and power.
  • God himself becomes our teacher.
  • We learn to rest in the will of God
  • We grow in our spiritual education.
  • We learn to rest in God’s timing for righting wrongs as our just judge.


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