Resources on Complementarianism Applied

This Sunday, our church begins a four-week series on biblical manhood and womanhood. That could raise dozens of questions to answer and a person’s understanding of manhood and womanhood is applied in many ways. There’s a lot we won’t get to cover, but we’ll consider what it means to be made in God’s image, what biblical manhood and womanhood looks like, and how that applies to singleness and roles in marriage. Our church holds to the theological position known as complementarianism, and this will show up throughout the series.

Here’s a helpful definition from Mary Kassian in her article, “Complementarianism for Dummies.”

Complementarians believe that God created male and female as complementary expressions of the image of God—-male and female are counterparts in reflecting his glory. Having two sexes expands the view. Though both sexes bear God’s image fully on their own, each does so in a unique and distinct way. Male and female in relationship reflects truths about Jesus that aren’t reflected by male alone or female alone.

Below are a number of books, articles, and sermons on applying complementarianism.

What Is Complementarianism?

Image-Bearers or the Imago Dei

Manhood & Womanhood



 Complementarianism (Men & Women in the Church)

Marriage and Complementarity

Singleness and Manhood & Womanhood

Gender and Complementarity


*I do not necessarily agree with or support everything in each these resources, but have found them to include truth and be helpful in understanding some of the issues and positions involved.
**If you’d like more resources on a specific issue, or something not mentioned, email me.


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