Ascension Day (5/29) and Events in the Life of Jesus

Since tomorrow (Thursday 5/29) is Ascension Day on the church calendar–yeah, who knew?–I wanted to provide a few links to posts I’ve done at my church’s blog (College Park). More are needed on the life of Jesus and other significant events, but over the last couple of years I’ve had the chance to write blogs tied to some of the major Christian holidays we celebrate (Christmas, Easter, etc.). These holidays (holy-days) were first celebrated as means to keep our minds on the person and work of our Lord. We not only center our lives around following Christ but we leverage our calendars to build reminders of specific events in the life of Jesus into our own annual rhythms. I notice that on here too much is missing on the teachings and life of Jesus, but by at least remembering the major events in the life of Jesus we constantly keep before us who he was and why he came. Here are a few links tied to some of those events.

Christmas-the birth of Jesus
Christmas and Creation

Good Friday-the death of Jesus
Why Good Friday is Good News
It Wasn’t Just Jesus On the Cross</em>

Easter-the resurrection of Jesus
Why the Cross Is Not Enough
The Past, Present, and Future Realities of Resurrection

Ascension & Pentecost-the exaltation and reign of Jesus
Ascension: What’s Jesus Up To?
The Day of Ascension and the Great Commission

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