Puritan Quotes

This Sunday night I’ll be giving a short presentation on English Puritanism at my church. I’d like to whet the appetite by beginning with a few Puritan quotes. Here are some I grabbed off my notes from Evernote but I’d love for you to leave any great (short) English Puritan quotes you might have.

“The winter prepares the earth for the spring, so do afflictions sanctified prepare the soul for glory.” Richard Sibbes

“Conceal not your wounds; open all before him.” Richard Sibbes

“There is more mercy in Christ than sin in us.” Richard Sibbes

“Be killing sin or sin will be killing you.” John Owen

“He who prays as he ought will endeavour to live as he prays.” John Owen

“Christ is the most bountiful physician. Other patients do enrich their physicians, but here the physician enriches the patient. Christ elevates all his patients: he not only cures them but crowns them (Rev. 2:10). Christ not only raises them from the bed, but to the throne; he gives the sick man not only health but also heaven.” Thomas Watson

“Let this revive you; shortly you will enjoy God, and then you shall have more than you can ask or think, glory without intermission or expiration. We will never be ourselves fully until we enjoy God eternally.” Thomas Watson.

“In the Word preached the saints hear Christ’s voice; in the sacrament they have his kiss.” Thomas Watson

“We are justified & saved by the very righteousness of Christ, and no other. He wrought it, though we wear it.” John Flavel

“Here is encouragement to persevere. Jesus, our head, is already in heaven; and if the head be above water the body cannot drown.” John Flavel

“In our first paradise in Eden there was a way to go out but no way to go in again. But as for the heavenly paradise, there is a way to go in, but not way to go out.” Richard Baxter

“God’s presence makes a crowd a church.” Richard Baxter

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