Considering Christ this Christmas

Below are a few of the Christmas posts I’ve written. I hope they can help you set your mind on Jesus during this Advent season.

Glimpse Grace in 5 Classic Christmas Movies at The Gospel Coalition
Movies are much more than entertainment. In this post, I look at five class Christmas movies that point us to God’s grace.

When Christmas Loses Its Cheer
The Christmas season can be magical, but it can also be painful, isolating, and crushing. What do we do when Christmas isn’t what we hoped?

Why Good Christmas Songs Matter
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is the music. Both the fun and festive, and the serious and sobering. What we sing matters when it comes to entering into Advent.

Darkness. Then Light.
In Genesis 1, darkness covers the earth before God springs light onto its horizon. Likewise, in John’s Gospel, the coming of Jesus is the light interrupting the darkness.

How is Jesus our Immanuel (God with Us)?
Each December we talk about Jesus coming as our Immanuel, but in what sense is he God with us?

How Good Doctrine Makes for A Good Christmas
What makes the Christmas amazing is the doctrine proclaimed and celebrated. Christmas is full of wonderful stories we tell, none as beautiful as God becoming one of us so we could become one of His.

My Beef with Santa Claus
I’m not anti-Santa, but I do have some concerns and cautions.

The Wonder of It
This short post considers some of the wonder behind the incarnation.

Making the Most of Advent
Learn what “Advent” means and how we can leverage this season to better know Jesus.

Advent Guide
Last year, I helped create this four-week Advent Guide, including a daily reading with questions, a weekly hymn, and recommended resources.

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